Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The hunters and the hunted

Well, we're searching doggedly for jobs at the moment. Chris had an interview today but the man who is in charge of hiring wasn't there and the one who interviewed him didn't have hiring authority so he has to go back and interview with the other man (does that make any sense? Probably not, I thrive on confusion). I've had a couple of phone calls from the temp agency but when I call them back I get voice mail. Oh well, we shall see.
I went to the diabetes clinic today. My A1C is 8.6%. In other words there has been no effect whatsoever. My nurse has given me a precise mathematical formula to calculate my fixes so that emotions won't play a part in my fixes. I'm very frustrated with my stupid diabetes at the moment but we'll see how this formula works. At least I'm not waking up in the 20's anymore. I'm usually about 12 ish. Not much to boast about but progress is progress. We still haven't finished packing, we're the worst procrastinator's in the world. I'm going to knuckle down today and clear out the spare bedroom, if himself wants to whine about it he's welcome to, but we're getting rid of the crap in there if it kills us.

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