Monday, July 9, 2007

Nothing New

Not much happening today, I didn't sleep well last night, nightmares and night terrors (whoever said that night terrors go away once you reach adulthood is a big fat liar!) Then, in a confused, half asleep haze, I annihilated the alarm clock. What a dork.
I bought 2 new pairs of shoes the other day(on sale) Both canvas "beach shoes" one pair has polka dots and the other is a patchwork design.
Well, other than being THE most boring post in the history of the internet, this post has nothing of value to add to civilization.
No word yet from the lawyer about Chris' immigration. However, just to keep things fun and interesting! Revenue Canada has again asked for Chris' SIN number and wants proof of our marriage. Yes, I did send them the information the first time they asked for it, and again the 2nd time. WHEN WHEN WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER???? Did we not register our marriage (for a hefty fee)? Will the Canadian government EVER do ANYTHING with any degree of competency???? Probably not. Oh well.

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