Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The hunters and the hunted

Well, we're searching doggedly for jobs at the moment. Chris had an interview today but the man who is in charge of hiring wasn't there and the one who interviewed him didn't have hiring authority so he has to go back and interview with the other man (does that make any sense? Probably not, I thrive on confusion). I've had a couple of phone calls from the temp agency but when I call them back I get voice mail. Oh well, we shall see.
I went to the diabetes clinic today. My A1C is 8.6%. In other words there has been no effect whatsoever. My nurse has given me a precise mathematical formula to calculate my fixes so that emotions won't play a part in my fixes. I'm very frustrated with my stupid diabetes at the moment but we'll see how this formula works. At least I'm not waking up in the 20's anymore. I'm usually about 12 ish. Not much to boast about but progress is progress. We still haven't finished packing, we're the worst procrastinator's in the world. I'm going to knuckle down today and clear out the spare bedroom, if himself wants to whine about it he's welcome to, but we're getting rid of the crap in there if it kills us.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Another day, another dollar

Sometimes I feel like we are the unluckiest people in the world! Yesterday we went to the antique mall. On our way back to the car we noticed that someone had relieved us of our license plate! So, home we drove (feeling like criminals all the way), phoned in the police report (apparently license plates get stolen all the time) then today we had to pay to re-register our poor old car. Not fair. So, to the "person" who stole our plate, go @#$^@#$@^%&@#$%^&$#@!#@% and, also, !@#^%#$(!)#@ %)!)# %*@()#@($! %^*(#)!#*%^)!!!!! So, there!
Not much new (other than the disgusting, aforementioned, theft) I had a job interview today, Chris has one tomorrow. It's disgustingly hot, I think we'll go down to the river and cool off again today (we went yesterday and there was a dead fish in the water....absolutely charming, I'm going to be in therapy until I'm 90!) Chris is very tanned, even his tummy is getting brown, I'm still white as a ghost although my arms are almost beige so that's something.

Friday, July 27, 2007

They're ba-ack!

Well, we're back from jolly old England. WORST country in the world! Rained every day we were there. I was flabbergasted that we had to pay for parking EVERYWHERE (even at supermarkets!) and also had to pay to use the toilet in some places. Also, the shops close at 5:30, and most are only open about 4 days a week. Major culture shock for me, but I digress.
I met my biological father's family. They are all really nice, and seeing them helped explain some of my eccentricities (no, I was not a foundling, my quirks come from him).
We buried grandma's ashes then had a little party with her side of the family, about 15 people were there. Meanwhile, in Canada they had a garden party in her honour and 51 people showed up. So, that was cool.
We stayed with the in-laws in their quaint little house (built in the 1890's). I would live in the house in a heartbeat. English houses have a lot of character. I met all my aunt and uncle in laws as well as my other sister in law and her family. They're all really nice and seemed to like me (I've asked Chris to interrogate his mother next time he calls her to make sure.)
When we got home I had a job offer waiting for me, although it's only a temp assignment every little bit helps.
Time is ticking away, when we were away I got an email from our Realtor asking if we'd like to bump up the possession date to the 15th of August (instead of the 19th). That's excellent because it saves spending 4 days with my parents (the horror!)
It's disgustingly hot here, 30 degrees last I checked. We just came back from a walk down by (and in) the bow river, always fun.
We got Chris his SIN number and are trying to get the printer to work so we can get him some Alberta Health care.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Well, we're off to the airport in 10 minutes. The dogs and cats are at my parent's house. Chris is very excited (as am I) he's pacing around like a lost soul. I'm killing time and trying to look busy. So, unless we can get to a computer in England, this is the last you'll hear from me until the 27th.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Going through the motions

My mother, aunt and I went through grandma's jewelery today. I was surprised to see that Grandma had the studs from the first time my ears were pierced (when I was a year old). I was quite touched to see that. I took the studs and also a necklace that I used to wear when I was 4 when I dressed up to do to McDonald's (yes, THAT McDonalds).
Two days and we're off!

Pictures of the new house

These are the pictures of the house that the seller's Realtor took. It's not our furniture (which is a shame because it's quite nice but I digress)

The view from the front of the house

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun and Games

Busy as bees today. We got a quote for insuring the new house (WAY more to insure a house than it is to insure a condo). Also, I got travel insurance, because of my diabetes some companies won't insure me at all and the company that finally did insure me charged twice as much as a normal rate. Oh well, better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

I saw my therapist today, she's impressed with how well I'm doing and thinks I'm a.o.k for a September graduation from the DBT program.

We played BINGO tonight with grandpa, aunti Di and my mother, I won $67 (woo hoo) and embarrassed myself. I shouted "BINGO" while the ball was on the TV screen (and therefore not legal) then, in a silent hall, with all eyes on me, realized my mistake and shouted "oh shit, sorry, not bingo". A typical Sarah moment. Oh well.

Mush was kind enough to eat the BBQ cover for us, I guess she thought that the BBQ didn't need protection from the elements. Little jerk, that was an expensive one.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nothing like the last minute

Well, this Saturday we're leaving for England. Chris has his papers so we booked a flight ASAP.
Because of the house we have to be back before August 1st and we wanted to go sooner rather than later because we didn't want Chris to get a job then immediately take 2 weeks holiday. SO off we go, Chris' mum will have kittens tomorrow when we tell her.

Good News

We got a phone call from the lawyer today, Chris' papers came in, he's legally allowed to work and has had his immigration approved. It took 'em long enough but they finally did it!
We're picking the papers up from the lawyer tonight, we didn't want to have them sent in the mail.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Nothing New

Not much happening today, I didn't sleep well last night, nightmares and night terrors (whoever said that night terrors go away once you reach adulthood is a big fat liar!) Then, in a confused, half asleep haze, I annihilated the alarm clock. What a dork.
I bought 2 new pairs of shoes the other day(on sale) Both canvas "beach shoes" one pair has polka dots and the other is a patchwork design.
Well, other than being THE most boring post in the history of the internet, this post has nothing of value to add to civilization.
No word yet from the lawyer about Chris' immigration. However, just to keep things fun and interesting! Revenue Canada has again asked for Chris' SIN number and wants proof of our marriage. Yes, I did send them the information the first time they asked for it, and again the 2nd time. WHEN WHEN WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER???? Did we not register our marriage (for a hefty fee)? Will the Canadian government EVER do ANYTHING with any degree of competency???? Probably not. Oh well.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The End

This afternoon grandma passed away peacefully after her long, arduous battle with cancer, emphysema, et al. The whole family was with her, she wasn't in any pain. We're not having a funeral, but in about 2 weeks time (to allow people to make travel arrangements) we'll be holding a garden party in her memory.
Grandpa is coping well (although it's only been a few hours) he'll have the support of all of us in the next little while.
Chris and I are thankful that we chose a house near to him so we can help him out with things easily.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Stampede Fun

Chis and I went to the Stampede last night. It cost us over one hundred dollars just for admission and ride tickets (all day pass as many rides as we want). Once I recovered from the awful shock of spending such a gross amount of money I really enjoyed myself. We went on nearly every ride and (prepare to be shocked) Christopher bought himself and wore (!!!!!!!!!) a cowboy hat. I've created a monster. I told him this would happen, it would start with a toque in the winter, then the furry winter hat, then the world of hats was his oyster. I'll have to get a picture of him to send to his mum, she won't believe it without photographic proof.

Grandma is too ill to get out of bed so we're going to videotape the house today and show her the tape. My mother, who has already started writing her obituary, called us this morning to say that the end is nigh. We've learned to take what she says with a grain of salt, but I must admit, grandma didn't look well at all when we saw her the day before yesterday.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good News (maybe)

We heard from our immigration lawyer today. Our application was mailed from the government yesterday. So, hopefully we'll know whether Chris is still an alien or not by Friday or Monday at the latest.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Home Free

We just received word that the financing has gone through on our house, so therefore we officially own the new house. So, that's good news.
I just came home from a job interview, they gave me all sorts of tests to take. I was concerned that I'd failed dismally but they told me that I got in the "high nineties" so that's all good. However, as usual, I think I flunked the interview, I always panic and start babbling like a moron. I guess only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Getting Closer

Well, our Realtor has told us that the Realtor of the people who are purchasing our house told her that their financing has been approved. The only trouble is, she can't tell the Realtor of the people whose house we're buying because she's only got verbal confirmation and has to wait until she has written confirmation (legalities).
Chris and I went to the pregnancy clinic for my monthly check up. My nurse reamed me out for not testing often enough (which I deserved) and they said that I'm doing well and should have my A1C down to below 7 within a few months if I keep on the way I'm going. Then, once my A1C is below 7 we can start trying to get pregnant. As usual, we got a parking ticket (I SWEAR those S.O.B's at the Parking "authority" are out to get me. Insert long string of colourful metaphors and expletives here). Those jerks have nothing better to do with their time.
I saw my massage therapist, Lisa, today. She said I'm doing loads better since last time she saw me....hhhhmmmm I wonder what's changed? She says, sarcastically. Could i perhaps be that I'm no longer working at the world's worst job for someone with back problems????
I've got an interview tomorrow for the position of receptionist at a car dealership (I know I know but beggars can't be choosers!) We'll see how that works out, I didn't know anything about insurance when I started at Godfrey Morrow so maybe I'll have a similar learning curve.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Not much to say but...

Not much happened yesterday as it was a holiday. We didn't do much in the way of celebrating as Chris had a headache. We thought we'd go see the fire works but fell asleep on the couch and missed them so that was a washout.
We received news that grandma's cancer has spread and she probably will only be with us for a couple of weeks at most. Aunty Di is coming down ASAP to see her. She (grandma) had expressed an interest in seeing our new house so I spoke to a nurse at the hospice about taking her out in the wheelchair to see it. The nurse said we'll have to book a handi-bus. However, grandma is in so much pain she doesn't want to leave her bed so she's probably not going to make it to see the house. However, at least the offer is there and it can give her something to look forward to.
Brandon has a job at the Stampede, the little twerp will be making $11.75 an hour!
I'm still having sleep disturbances, apparently last night I got up, fetched a towel, and lay down on it. I've had a good two months with poor sleep. I end up napping during the day in order to survive. Oh well, sucks to be me.