Monday, July 30, 2007

Another day, another dollar

Sometimes I feel like we are the unluckiest people in the world! Yesterday we went to the antique mall. On our way back to the car we noticed that someone had relieved us of our license plate! So, home we drove (feeling like criminals all the way), phoned in the police report (apparently license plates get stolen all the time) then today we had to pay to re-register our poor old car. Not fair. So, to the "person" who stole our plate, go @#$^@#$@^%&@#$%^&$#@!#@% and, also, !@#^%#$(!)#@ %)!)# %*@()#@($! %^*(#)!#*%^)!!!!! So, there!
Not much new (other than the disgusting, aforementioned, theft) I had a job interview today, Chris has one tomorrow. It's disgustingly hot, I think we'll go down to the river and cool off again today (we went yesterday and there was a dead fish in the water....absolutely charming, I'm going to be in therapy until I'm 90!) Chris is very tanned, even his tummy is getting brown, I'm still white as a ghost although my arms are almost beige so that's something.

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