Saturday, June 30, 2007

The waiting game

Well, we're playing the waiting game at the moment. We've made an offer on a house, it's been accepted. However, we need to wait until the conditions are removed on the sale of our house before we can remove the conditions on the one we want to buy. There's a 99.9% chance that everything will go smoothly but with out luck we've learned to never (EVER!) take anything for granted. We'll find out on Sunday whether the conditions will be removed or not (financing conditions).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting there

Well, we saw a nice house yesterday with our Realtor. It is an older bungalow in Bowness, just within our price range. Gorgeous view, humongous yard and just the right size. However, it needs work so we decided not to stretch our budget for it. So back to the drawing board. There is a nice little bungalow in Coventry that we're eying that doesn't need much work.
I've got that day off work and am sitting on the couch with a hot pack on my back. I saw my massage therapist yesterday and she said that yes, I am getting worse, stress makes me worse and I should do a desk job. I was afraid that I had cancer or something because I had numbness and tingling in my left arm and both legs. She laughed and said that it's only because my muscles are spasming around the nerves. That was a great relief, I'd been planning my funeral and writing a will. Unfortunately I'm going to have to leave my job and get a desk job. I'm not looking forward to that conversation with my boss.
Chris and I are angry with immigration Canada (nothing new there) We looked at their list of processing times for various countries and were upset to see that people coming from Asia have a processing time of 4 months, whereas people coming from Europe have a processing time of 10 months. (Africa and South America were about 10 months, the middle east is 13 etc.) That doesn't sit well with us at all. I think it's absolutely unfair that people from Asia get into Canada in half the time as anybody else. Just more proof that the Canadian government is corrupt. I think everyone should be the same. (Well, honestly I think that English people should get in quicker but I'm a bit biased). S, there's my rant for the day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Welcome to the blog of Sarah and Chris Rean.
This is for family and friends to whom we've given our blog address, and for nosy people who stumble across us and need some sort of anesthetic.
We're still waiting for Chris' immigration papers, we're thinking/hoping/wishing that they'll arrive the end of July/beginning of August.
Our house is conditionally sold, the buyers are waiting on financing so we've got out fingers crossed. We're happy with the price we got for it, and are now hunting for a new (to us) house. Actually, we're going out today with our Realtor Judi. At risk of sounding like a mindless idiot, house hunting is fun.
I'm home early from work today, my back was killing me. It kept seizing up, my Achilles tendons are excruciating, my left shoulder is virtually immobile and my neck feels like its got a rusty screw running through it. It's not been a fun few days. This afternoon I'm seeing Lisa, my massage therapist. I'm going to ask her if she thinks I'm a moron for staying at this job (YES, I am!) and if she thinks I'd be better off at a desk job. (Definitely!) If only for my mental health I should be at a desk job, the only intellectual stimulation I get at this job is trying to ascertain what exactly possesses people to be such disgusting pigs (no offense to any pigs out there).

Chris is currently running a pipe through my dad's house. He wants an extra spigot outside so he can hook up his automatic watering system, and, as he's plumbing impaired, Chris gets to do it.
I bought him about 500 pounds of scrap metal the other day so that he can make things with his lathe. As usual he's very stoic about it but he's tickled pink.

Anyway, we've nothing more to say. (I was going to say nothing more interesting to say, but as I didn't say anything interesting to begin with, I don't think I can conclude with that.) Until next time.