Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

I bought Chris his birthday/Christmas present today. He's been bugging me for a drill press for a while now. So as I sit here typing away he's playing with his new toy...er, I mean tool.
My parents bought a new stove so we've inherited their "old" one.

Other than that our lives are still pretty darn boring.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm very cranky today. In truth I've been cranky since Wednesday. I went home early from work today due to stomach discomfort (she says being polite). I'm mad as hell that my bosses are mandating that my coworker and I change our hours. Right now we both work 7:00 - 3:00 which is awesome because a) it gives us time in the morning to catch up and b) (most important!) I miss most of the traffic. The hours they will be making us work are (they haven't decided yet) 8:00 - 4:15, 9:00-5:15 or even 10:00 - 6:15. I'm very angry about this. First off, I love my husband and don't want to be getting home just in time to go to bed. Secondly, I like having time alone at home to do laundry, make the supper and relax before he comes home. Thirdly, I HATE traffic and if I hit rush hour traffic coming home from work I'm probably going to kill someone. Fourthly, I hate being told that I must change my hours. My coworker and I have negotiated a little bit for a while we will take turns staying late. As soon as they hire a new full time person we will go back to our regular hours and that person will stay late. In the meantime I'm pissed off. My first "late" day is on Wednesday. If I'm stuck in traffic for hours (which is very bloody likely in the seventh circle of hell...er I mean, Calgary) I'm quitting. In fact, I'm looking right now for a new job (just in case).

I didn't mention it before (forgot, sorry) we've got a new pussy cat. She's a 10 month old kitten, we got her on October 30 and her name is Muppet. She's quite a sweet heart. We had Alastar put to sleep a few months ago due to his old age and various infirmities. We gave Caesar back to my parents as he kept getting arrested (concerned neighbours are a nuisance). Murdoch was depressed so that's why the new addition.

I'm going to my first "gothmas" party on Dec 13. I think it will be a hoot.