Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Thought I'd mention that I was not, as predicted, eligible for E.I. Quelle suprise eh?

On the plus side I was hired by Carewest (they got to know me when I was working for office jobs). They asked me if I was free so they could hire me through officejobs, I informed them I was no longer WITH officejobs so they hired me as a casual. So, I did, in a roundabout way, get a little bit of revenge on officejobs as they've dipped out on several hundred dollars (so far) that they would have made from Carewest. The best part is that Carewest isn't obligated to pay them a "finder's fee" as I wasn't on officejobs books when Carewest hired me.

My pregnancy is going well. I'm 25 weeks now and still nauseous every day. Something they DON'T tell you about pregnancy in school is that it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. I think, of all my pregnancy discomforts that the carpal tunnel is the worst. I feel like I'm wearing a glove on each hand that is filled with crawling beetles.

We know the sex of the baby, it's a girl. We've decided on a name but that's going to be a secret (unless Kristy blabs) until delivery day.