Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Getting Closer

Well, our Realtor has told us that the Realtor of the people who are purchasing our house told her that their financing has been approved. The only trouble is, she can't tell the Realtor of the people whose house we're buying because she's only got verbal confirmation and has to wait until she has written confirmation (legalities).
Chris and I went to the pregnancy clinic for my monthly check up. My nurse reamed me out for not testing often enough (which I deserved) and they said that I'm doing well and should have my A1C down to below 7 within a few months if I keep on the way I'm going. Then, once my A1C is below 7 we can start trying to get pregnant. As usual, we got a parking ticket (I SWEAR those S.O.B's at the Parking "authority" are out to get me. Insert long string of colourful metaphors and expletives here). Those jerks have nothing better to do with their time.
I saw my massage therapist, Lisa, today. She said I'm doing loads better since last time she saw me....hhhhmmmm I wonder what's changed? She says, sarcastically. Could i perhaps be that I'm no longer working at the world's worst job for someone with back problems????
I've got an interview tomorrow for the position of receptionist at a car dealership (I know I know but beggars can't be choosers!) We'll see how that works out, I didn't know anything about insurance when I started at Godfrey Morrow so maybe I'll have a similar learning curve.

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