Friday, July 27, 2007

They're ba-ack!

Well, we're back from jolly old England. WORST country in the world! Rained every day we were there. I was flabbergasted that we had to pay for parking EVERYWHERE (even at supermarkets!) and also had to pay to use the toilet in some places. Also, the shops close at 5:30, and most are only open about 4 days a week. Major culture shock for me, but I digress.
I met my biological father's family. They are all really nice, and seeing them helped explain some of my eccentricities (no, I was not a foundling, my quirks come from him).
We buried grandma's ashes then had a little party with her side of the family, about 15 people were there. Meanwhile, in Canada they had a garden party in her honour and 51 people showed up. So, that was cool.
We stayed with the in-laws in their quaint little house (built in the 1890's). I would live in the house in a heartbeat. English houses have a lot of character. I met all my aunt and uncle in laws as well as my other sister in law and her family. They're all really nice and seemed to like me (I've asked Chris to interrogate his mother next time he calls her to make sure.)
When we got home I had a job offer waiting for me, although it's only a temp assignment every little bit helps.
Time is ticking away, when we were away I got an email from our Realtor asking if we'd like to bump up the possession date to the 15th of August (instead of the 19th). That's excellent because it saves spending 4 days with my parents (the horror!)
It's disgustingly hot here, 30 degrees last I checked. We just came back from a walk down by (and in) the bow river, always fun.
We got Chris his SIN number and are trying to get the printer to work so we can get him some Alberta Health care.

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