Saturday, July 7, 2007

Stampede Fun

Chis and I went to the Stampede last night. It cost us over one hundred dollars just for admission and ride tickets (all day pass as many rides as we want). Once I recovered from the awful shock of spending such a gross amount of money I really enjoyed myself. We went on nearly every ride and (prepare to be shocked) Christopher bought himself and wore (!!!!!!!!!) a cowboy hat. I've created a monster. I told him this would happen, it would start with a toque in the winter, then the furry winter hat, then the world of hats was his oyster. I'll have to get a picture of him to send to his mum, she won't believe it without photographic proof.

Grandma is too ill to get out of bed so we're going to videotape the house today and show her the tape. My mother, who has already started writing her obituary, called us this morning to say that the end is nigh. We've learned to take what she says with a grain of salt, but I must admit, grandma didn't look well at all when we saw her the day before yesterday.

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