Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Management Speak

We had a big meeting today. People sitting uncomfortably in hard plastic chairs, power point presentation, the whole nine yards. The meeting was to elucidate some of the changes taking place in our milieu. I haven't been to a proper meeting in ages. I'd forgotten just how horrendous management speak is! They prattle on for ages and use lots of words but don't actually SAY anything. A man asked a simple question. "Should our doctors prescribe meds to the patients or should they simply make recommendations to the patient's GP?" (simple question right?) The answer, was...well, actually I'm not sure what the answer was, there was talk about accountability, procedure, process and such. The presenter spoke for more than 7 minutes to answer his question but honest to god DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!! It was bizarre. The answer is as simple as: it depends on the circumstance and the doctor's opinion. OR No, they shouldn't they should only recommend to the GP. OR Yes, they should prescribe whatever meds they see fit. Shouldn't a simple question demand a simple answer? This is why I would make a terrible manager. If someone asks me a question, I give them a straight answer. Oh well. I put my two cents in. I know I'm well known for being demure and keeping my mouth shut and never giving my opinion on ANYTHING but I did speak up. Several (5 actually) people thanked me and told me my comments were helpful. Of course, they were surreptitious about it, as though by being seen with me they'd be canned on the spot, but they complimented me. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I was speaking to my direct manager (who, surprisingly [for a manager] has a head on her shoulders) and she was quite pleasant to me. I guess I'll find out when I go in tomorrow and there's a padlock on my office door! Har de har har *starts frantically thumbing through the want ads*
In other life is completely and utterly boring! I had my first band practice on Monday night, quite enjoyed it, will definitely be going again. I decided to play the clarinet rather than the French horn as it's my new instrument and I want to stretch its legs a bit.

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