Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?

I had a bit of a disturbing incident yesterday. I was driving home from work, took a different route due to a pit stop, I was behind a man at a light and he suddenly got out of his GMC envoy and shouted at me "you stupid fucking bitch, learn how to fucking drive".
I was (understandably) puzzled so I rolled down my window and said "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
He waved me off and said "fuck you, you stupid bitch you need to get your head out of your ass".
We were stuck in traffic and he wasn't going anywhere so I got out, and shouted through his window "I'm sorry sir, what have I done?"
He yelled at me to "fuck off" so I stood in front of his car (again, he couldn't go anywhere we were stuck in traffic) and said "Sir, please tell me what I've done to offend you."
He said "fuck you" and moved his car forward and hit me (not hard just a nudge). I walked up to his window and tapped on the glass and said "What have I done sir?"
He said "fuck you".
I got back in my car (the light changed) and we went around the corner. As we were driving up a side-ish street in an industrial area I saw him signal to go left into a U-shaped parking lot. I thought, "this guy is gonna come up behind me and a) run me off the road or b) follow me home" so I followed him so that he couldn't get behind me.
He did a U and came out of the parking lot and shouted out his window "you stupid fucking cunt fuck off".
So, I shouted out my window "What the fuck did I do to offend you? You're a fucking asshole and you have no right to talk to me like that you stupid fucking prick. It's not my fault you have a non functioning penis!"
He shouted a few more "fuck you, you stupid bitch/cunt" and circled around again. As I was turning onto the street I noticed that he had pulled into the same parking lot and looked like he was parking. I thought, "good, he's going to tell me what's wrong, I can apologise and we can move on with out lives". Instead he pulled up outside a building, there were a lot (about 7) of people standing about and I thought "well at least he won't attack me in front of all these people, I can finally get some answers from him".
I stopped behind him (giving him plenty of room to pull out and leave), got out of my car and said "sir, can you please just tell me what I've done"
He said "fuck you I'm calling the fucking cops on you"
I said, "fine, please do, but tell me what I've done to offend you."
There was a woman standing between my car and his black GMC envoy so I approached her and said, "ma'am this man started shouting abuse at me at the traffic light down the street. I don't know what I've done to him and I just want to know so I can apologise".
She didn't say anything but turned around and got into his truck (he was out of the truck looking at my license number). He started shouting at her to write down "this fucking bitch's license number". He got back in the car and I approached the driver's side (where SHE was sitting) the window was down and she was trying to find a pen to write my license number, she found one and was writing it on her hand, he was quoting it to her incorrectly so I gave her the correct license number.
I rested my hands on the side of the car and asked him again just to tell me what I had done to incur his wrath. He told me to "get your fucking hands off my fucking car" and reiterated that he was going to call the police.
I said, "fair enough, I'll be making my own call to the police."
She drove away with him in the car, he was still shouting obscenities out the window at me.
I noticed some men standing in the shipping door of the "Norampac" building nearby so I approached them and asked them if they had witnessed the altercation between me and the gentleman (yes, I actually used the word gentleman). They suddenly decided that, although they had been there the entire time, they hadn't seen or heard anything. I thanked them and approached the building that "his" woman was standing outside of "Essilor". There were some people milling about and I asked if anyone had witnessed the altercation.
4 people stepped forward and one lady said that although she hadn't seen much she did know the man who had attacked me (she works with his wife) she said he's a lunatic and a bully and that she was impressed that I had stood up to him. A delivery man approached and said he'd "kind of" seen what happened but "didn't want to get involved". I took one lady's name, the other told me the name of the man who attacked me but didn't want to get involved and I thanked them and left.
I drove home and called the police. A few hours later a male constable with a very strong middle eastern accent called me and asked me about my "incident" in the afternoon. I gave him most of my version of events, he kept interrupting me and did not listen very well at all. He told me that they were thinking of pressing charges against me for "stalking behaviour". I was quite unhappy with the rude way he was addressing me and that he did not give me a chance to get a word in edgewise. He heard what he wanted to hear and nothing else.
Apparently it's okay for him to verbally attack me and hit me with his SUV but it's not okay for me to ask him why he was attacking me.
About an hour after this phone call another, female, officer called me and we had a similar conversation, I told her that I'd already spoken to an officer and she said she'd look into it. I'm not sure what story he told the police, there's no way on earth I could have cut him off as it was gridlock traffic and those who know me know that I pick a lane and stay in it, also, I was behind him. I didn't hit anyone with my car. And I was at least 4 feet behind him at the traffic light.
So, to sum up, some asshole decided he needed to vent his anger. I called him on his bad behaviour and I may be in trouble for it. Also, I would be willing to bet money that he's a wife beater. A more cowed woman you have never seen in your life! So, that's my exciting story.
Perhaps my next blog will be from prison, after all I was polite (most of the time) and non aggressive (all of the time) I didn't threaten him in any way and other than returning some of his own words to him I did not attack him in any way. Taking all that into account the judge will probably give me a life sentence, after all strong willed women who don't take shit from men are a danger to the moral fabric of our society. Any bets if this goes to court my word is counted as half of his?

In other news I found the perfect gift for you know who's going away party. I am officially a genius!

In other, other news, I took care of the Dr. Powell slide problem, there's a company in town that specialises in transferring slides etc onto computers.

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