Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lots to do

We took possession on the 15th (the money didn't go through until 3:30 pm so thank god I didn't book the day off work!) On the 16th the movers came to move everything in. They really annoyed me though. The two men were very sweet and nice but they dawdled and, when they were supposed to be following me from my parent's house (where we'd stored everything) to the new house, they "followed the wrong van" and took an hour to get to the new house! I was upset about that, especially since they charged me for that hour (as well as the extra kilometres they used taking a cicuitous route. Not amused. They bitched and moaned about the lathe (I can't blame them but really, if you don't want to move things....don't become a mover.) I'd been quoted $400 over the phone but figured, with the amount of stuff we have as well as the lathe it would probably be closer to $800. When they gave me the bill it was a tadge under $1000. I was gobsmacked! I'm going to call up and complain on Monday I don't think I should have been charged for them taking a long route (and probably going out to lunch) and the breaks they took. They also left cigarette butts on my lawn and left some stuff out on the lawn. Not impressed. The moving company by the way, was TSM "Total Service Moving" Total service my ass. NOT recommended.

We're slowly getting the house up to par. There are still millions of boxes strewn about but the kitchen is functioning (except for the total absence of food) and the bedroom is somewhat okay.
Today I've been busy. I bought a computer desk (ours is useless). a dog cage for Mush, and grandpa and I went out and he bought us a lawnmower.
Chris has been busy replacing the radiator in the car, it literally exploded the other day. The car is poorly designed and he had to dismantle most of the front end to get to the radiator. He said that there were a lot of holes and that it's been leaking for a long time. He thinks the dealer put some "stop leak" in it and tried to get rid of it as quickly and cheaply as possible before it died. Oh well, live and learn, not everyone is honest. To get it replaced at a garage is over $1000. Chris doing it cost us $350. Not bad eh? They charge extra for flushing it, checking the thermostat and changing the fluid (all things that should, theoretically come standard as they have to be done for the new radiator to work) I'm learning not to trust ANYONE! Thank god I have a husband who can fix a car, it would absolutely suck to have some useless metrosexual husband who wouldn't want to get his hands dirty.
Anyway that's my rant for today.

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