Saturday, August 4, 2007

Busy as bees

We bought a car today (FINALLY!!) It's a 1997 Mercury Sable GS. It's teal coloured and runs very well. The only thing that needs doing is new bulbs for the brake lights. Chris is going to Canadian Tire tomorrow to get same.
Time is running out to get packed to move. We take possession in 9 days and we still have loads of stuff to pack. Now that we're both working full time we're starting to panic a bit. It doesn't help that our animals (all 4 of them) are out to get us. Both dogs are vomiting, Murdoch has bloody diarrhea again and Alastar has been vomiting too. Of course, god forbid they should vomit/poo on the laminate or tile floor, oh no, not our pets, they have to mess on the carpet (not the rugs either, the actual carpet). So, we think we're going to have to clean the carpets again before the new owners take possession. Rotten animals, I'm going to sell them to a lab for animal testing!

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