Tuesday, August 7, 2007

TGIO (Thank god it's over!)

Met with the lawyer today. We owe less than we thought we would (which is a good thing) but the lawyer's fees are absurdly high ($2000) but I guess that's the price you pay for....um....lawyers. He was actually quite a sweet man, bit of a chatty cathy but personable. No colour sense whatsoever, I think my retinas are bleeding after looking at his office for an hour. We can't register the car today because my insurance broker forgot to email the pink card to us (she also didn't fax a copy to the registry office). So that's another day wasted. I guess it's just hard to find good help these days.
Chris won't talk about his first day at work except to say that it was "all right". For all he's told me they could have sat around all day watching porn and playing poker. Oh well, it's not as though he's usually loquacious and is only being taciturn about his job.
Work went well for me today, I felt bad about leaving early to see the lawyer so I showed up 1/2 an hour early and only took a half lunch. They taught me how to split a file today so that was cool. There are some files so thick you need a donkey to transport them to the work table. I'm astounded at the amount of paperwork generated! Some of it (to me) seems irrelevant and there are copies and copies of the same email in each chart.
The house is still standing even after leaving Mush unsupervised for the day. We're amazed there's anything left of it given her track record. We didn't have the heart to keep her locked in her "bed" all day so locked her in the spare room.
Chris seems to be sulking about something but he won't tell me what it is. I hope it's just the inconvenience and irritation of the bloody car. Although, if he is unhappy with his job he can, of course, look for a new one.

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