Sunday, September 2, 2007

The depth of a puddle

I've been reading some of my friend's friend's blogs. (Does that make sense?) I find that no blog that I have read has done anything to dispel my original belief that blogs are for narcissistic idiots.
One blog I was perusing is by a professional woman who acts like a high school girl. "My fiance is the greatest fiance in the world because he buys me lots of things." Um, excuse me? Shouldn't he be the best husband in the world because he's kind, caring, intelligent, helps around the house etc.?

Most of her blogs are chronicles of things she's bought and places she's gone. "Today we went to La Chez restaurant and ate le brie en rouge (not a proper food, but then I don't really care) then we went to Urban barn (not the actual name of the store, I just made that one up) and bought an awesome loveseat to go with our chairs, then they delivered the adorable table I bought the other day. Then we went to Le Gristle I had the lamb chops and my cute husband had the roast duck....." ad nauseum. Okay. 1) no one cares where or if you went out for breakfast/lunch/dinner unless something exciting or gruesome happens (like the woman at the next table went into labour and you helped deliver the baby there and then) 2) what exactly is an "awesome" loveseat? Is your life that pathetic that you need to hyperbolize every piece of furniture in your house? Is it studded with twenty carat diamonds? Is it self cleaning? Or is it just a run of the mill, yuppie couch that can be found in 99% of modern homes? If it's from the Urban Barn I can almost guarantee that it's crap. 3) what the hell is a "cute" table? Really, cute is for puppies and babies not freaking blocks of wood! This girl's blog is a stunning example of why yuppies shouldn't be allowed out of the house (or on the internet) without adult supervision.

She also goes on about her fiance, I'll call him Jim (not his real name, his real name is pure yuppie spawn) anyway, she thinks its adorable that he gets facials and pedicures and occasionally a manicure. Now, I'm all for equality of the sexes but seriously, does anybody else think he might be batting for the other team? Most men I know don't know what a facial is. I don't mean to stereotype but really what can you say?

Now I must admit I'm seeing the hypocrisy of my bashing blogs and their authors in my blog. Believe me I see it. I'm not saying the my blog is absolutely breath taking and worthy of awards but at least I don't keep a running inventory of my home furnishings and gastronomical delights. That's just sad.

Anyway, cranky rant out of the way, I'm going to go blog whoring again, maybe find some other blogs that drive me nuts.

PS, I'm stressed and cranky, can you tell?

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