Friday, September 14, 2007

Jobs and sobs

Chris had an interview today at a hotel, actually the same hotel that I worked at a few months ago (small world and all). He was offered the job but didn't accept because it was stupid hours. He's got his name down at a few placement agencies so it shouldn't be too long. He's only been looking two days.

Poor thing had a root canal on that nasty tooth today, he's a bit achy but not complaining too much.

I've got the funny numbness in the back of my throat again. I'm not sure what that's all about, probably bloody cancer or something.

I'm going to talk to the diabetes and pregnancy clinic. I'm very ticked off about the whole conception thing. They promised they'd get my A1C down to 7 in three months. Well, in 5 months they didn't manage to move it one iota. I'm going to ask Dr. Edwards if I can see a reproductive endocrinologist concurrently with the diabetes clinic. That way, I can work on getting the A1C down while at the same time seeing what else may or may not be wrong with me. It would suck to spend all that time, energy and money getting my A1C down only to find out that I've got blocked fallopian tubes and can't conceive anyway. We'll see what he says.

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