Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Silly Questionaire"

Received this from a friend on facebook I usually find these things silly but will fill it out anyway 'cause I'm like that.

What are 5 things that you cannot live without for under $10 each
1. chap stick (usually the mint kind)
2. diet coke
3. Beer (Chris)
4. ....
5. ....

What are your 5 favourite movies?
1. Schindler's List
2. Marvin's Room
3. Beaches
4. The Bird Cage
5. Das Boot (Chris and me)

5 Favourite BOY baby names
1. David
2. William
3. Rhys
4. Ewan
5. Johnathan

5 Favourite GIRL baby names
1. Hazel
2. Anne
3. Marie
4. Lucy
5. Eleanor

5 favourite songs
1. The Best Man - Blaine Larson
2. He Didn't Have to Be - Brad Paisley
3. The Broken Road - Rascall Flatts (our wedding song)
4. The Theme from "Driving Miss Daisy"
5. The Theme from "The Mission"

5 People who have influenced my life in a positive way
1. Heather (the rec lady from the Bev) the kindest, most altruistic woman I've ever met in my life
2. Kristy - who always was and always will be there.
3. Chris - who loves me just as I am, and taught me how to love myself
4. Anne-Marie Clavelle who taught me how a mother is supposed to be treated/loved
5. Moe - who taught me the meaning of "never give up"

5 Items that I keep in my purse at all times
Well, I don't carry a purse, but if I did it would probably contain
1. my wallet
2. chapstick
3. my blood testing kit
4. random pens
5. wads of kleenex (used or otherwise...hey, you asked!)

5 life changing moments
1. when I finally realized my biological father didn't love me and I was able to let go
2. when I met my husband
3. when I FINALLY got rid of Malcolm for good
4. when I received my certificate for graduation form the DBT program
5. when I buried my grandmother's ashes

5 obsessions
1. installing a new patio door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Dr. Who (more specifically, David Tennant)
3. growing my hair out (at the in between stage, it's KILLING ME!)
4. getting the house squared away
5. getting a "real" job instead of working for a temp agency

This wasn't on the list so I'm adding it myself (WAY deeper than bloody movies!)
5 Favourite books
1. When Rabbit Howls (Truddi Chase)
2. Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood)
3. Any and all of my Titanic books
4. The Ancestor's Tale (Richard Dawkins)
5. The God Delusion (Richard Dawkins)

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