Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bad Things come in threes.....

Lousy day today. I bought a piano from a coworker and it was supposed to be delivered last night, the piano movers didn't call, or show up. I called the company this morning and they didn't take responsibility, the man said, it wasn't his fault they didn't show up, um, excuse me, if it's not your fault, oh owner and manager of the company, whose fault is it? So, I called another company, they can't move it for at least 2 weeks. The next one couldn't give me a definite answer and I had to tell him my phone number about 6 times (not my usual hyperbole, he really couldn't seem to figure it out). Now I'm waiting for a call back from someone...anyone...oh well I'll just have to be patient.

So, last night (Halloween) Chris was eating some candy and his crown fell off (basically his whole tooth fell out). Poor guy. Fortunately today our dentist was able to get him in at 3:00.

Here's where the day gets lousy. At work they're doing some sort of work in the ceiling. As the workman came into my, I mean office, he opened a ceiling panel and I saw (cue scary music) some fibreglass insulation. I thought, it's miles away from me, it can't hurt me. Well, within minutes I was scratching like some sort of demented person. I scratched myself so badly I was bleeding. However, intelligent person that I am *ahem* I ignored it and thought, I'd run to the drug store and get some antihistamines on my lunch break. My mind was changed for me when I went into the admin area and one of the girls screamed and told me to get myself to the hospital. After looking in the mirror (I looked like a victim in a slasher movie) I decided to heed her advice and get the truck out of there. I drove to Chris' work so that he could take me to the hospital (as an aside here. We take 1 car to work, I drop him off then continue to my office. On the way home I pick him up. I had to get him because if I was at the hospital for 12 hours he'd be SOL for getting home) We went to the hospital and they gave me some antihistamine (by this time I looked like I'd had lip implants) sent me home and told me a) to come back if I was unable to breathe b) not to be alone for at least 24 hours and c) not to EVER drive again while experiencing an allergic reaction. So, joy of joys poor Chris had to take the rest of the day of work so he could babysit me, and I got to sit in the dentist's waiting room for and hour while he had his tooth fixed. Oh yes, and if they're still working on the ceiling, I can't go to work tomorrow. I'm no longer scratching the hell out of myself, although I've got deep furrows on my back and my shirt is blood stained. Where the lumps were I've got little red dots, it looks a bit like I've been bitten by ticks or fleas, very sexy.

Christopher is in a bit of discomfort so instead of a nice hot curry we're having soup for dinner tonight. How fun. I might just make the curry and feed him the soup.

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