Thursday, November 29, 2007

My husband is no longer an alien....

no thanks to our lawyer...I'm getting really cheesed off with our immigration lawyer. When we moved I phoned her 7 or 8 times to give her our new address, she didn't call back for three months. Finally, I sent her an email. Not nasty, just not overly nice. She wrote back with a tale of woe about suffering a miscarriage and being in hospital for 3 months. A sad story to be sure but couldn't she have had a partner or someone phone her anxious clients and let them know that they were without a life raft in the cruel sea of bureaucracy? Now, Chris has his landed immigrant status but he doesn't have his card. Without his card he can't travel out of the country without some sort of special permission from an embassy (we actually don't understand what the issue is which is why we hired a lawyer). I have called her every night and left a message every night since November 22 (it's now the 29th) How frigging long does it take to return a freaking phone call. Especially to someone who is paying you $1400 for your effing services?!?!?!?!?! I'm ticked off at her!

I've got an interview on December 3rd at Child and Family services. Hopefully I'll get the job. The girls are quizzing me and trying to surreptitiously trying to give me an ace in the hole. I think I'll be okay.

We've been leaving Mush out periodically while we're at work. So far she's eaten my best shoes ($125.00) Chris' dress shoes ($40.00) my favourite rug ($52.00) and some sort of plastic thing. Her toys are untouched. Little darling! If she keeps this BS up I'm probably going to strangle her!

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