Saturday, September 22, 2007

No pain, no gain

I've been miserable for the last week. I've been in absolute agony with my back. A new trick its been playing on me is seizing up with no warning and no precipitating event. Also, this is fun, tingling and numbness in my legs and arms. Apparently the tingling and numbness are signs of nerve damage. Who knew? So, I've been fairly grumpy and had to miss some work because of it (not cool, especially since I've only been at the job a few weeks) I've bitten the bullet and am going to see a chiropractor over this spine of mine (hey, I'm a poet and I don't even know it). That should be fun, more X-rays. It's been especially hard on me because I've been having trouble sleeping. I wear my mouth splint at night (to stop me grinding and popping my jaw) and I'm sleeping with a special pillow between my legs to keep them apart and (supposedly) help keep my spine aligned (hey more rhymes!) Poor old Christopher has become my pack horse, he won't let me carry anything heavier than a lettuce leaf. However, the important thing is that I'm not doped to the gills with painkillers. No sir, I just lather myself in Ben Gay and try not to let Chris see me cry (or hear me scream).

No job yet for Chris, he was offered one job but it was unsuitable for him. The job consisted of mowing lawns. I've told him I'll screen any jobs he applies for in the future. I ask you, what made the man think he would enjoy mowing bloody lawns for a living?!?!?!?

So I'm in BC at the moment (I feel horrible being here as I missed Thursday and Friday from work with my was legit, I was bedridden for two days!) If I'd backed out of the trip a) I'd be out +++ $$$ and b) (more importantly) I'd have missed the Titanic exhibition HELLO?!?!?!? THE TITANIC EXHIBITION! I've got OCD how the hell can I honestly be expected to miss and EXHIBITION of TITANIC artifacts?!?!?!?!?!?!? It was very nice and I'm glad I went, I made sure not to let Chris walk in front of me so that he wouldn't see me limping and grimacing with every step. I bought over $400 worth of books/DVDs/memorobilia. Yeah, I'm an addict what are you going to do about it? Everyone has a vice, this is mine. Besides it's not like I'm ever going to get an opportunity to go again. The sad thing was that I've got more books than they had there, also, my books were much better than the ones they had. They didn't have Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" also missing were the disaster enquiry hearing transcripts. Sad. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the people who went to the exhibit were expecting to see pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, maybe some were hoping to get autographs. Oh well, I'm sure some people learned some things despite themselves. I learned that when I'm subjected to the body odour or a 300+ pound man who hasn't showered in about 6 years that I have difficulty not vomiting. Seriously people! If you're going to go out in public PLEASE BATHE! Cripes, some people should be shot.

Anyway we're going home tomorrow (here less than 48 hours) so that's sad. I think when we come up for Mark's, wedding reception. We'll stay a few days and enjoy a bit.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jobs and sobs

Chris had an interview today at a hotel, actually the same hotel that I worked at a few months ago (small world and all). He was offered the job but didn't accept because it was stupid hours. He's got his name down at a few placement agencies so it shouldn't be too long. He's only been looking two days.

Poor thing had a root canal on that nasty tooth today, he's a bit achy but not complaining too much.

I've got the funny numbness in the back of my throat again. I'm not sure what that's all about, probably bloody cancer or something.

I'm going to talk to the diabetes and pregnancy clinic. I'm very ticked off about the whole conception thing. They promised they'd get my A1C down to 7 in three months. Well, in 5 months they didn't manage to move it one iota. I'm going to ask Dr. Edwards if I can see a reproductive endocrinologist concurrently with the diabetes clinic. That way, I can work on getting the A1C down while at the same time seeing what else may or may not be wrong with me. It would suck to spend all that time, energy and money getting my A1C down only to find out that I've got blocked fallopian tubes and can't conceive anyway. We'll see what he says.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Silly Questionaire"

Received this from a friend on facebook I usually find these things silly but will fill it out anyway 'cause I'm like that.

What are 5 things that you cannot live without for under $10 each
1. chap stick (usually the mint kind)
2. diet coke
3. Beer (Chris)
4. ....
5. ....

What are your 5 favourite movies?
1. Schindler's List
2. Marvin's Room
3. Beaches
4. The Bird Cage
5. Das Boot (Chris and me)

5 Favourite BOY baby names
1. David
2. William
3. Rhys
4. Ewan
5. Johnathan

5 Favourite GIRL baby names
1. Hazel
2. Anne
3. Marie
4. Lucy
5. Eleanor

5 favourite songs
1. The Best Man - Blaine Larson
2. He Didn't Have to Be - Brad Paisley
3. The Broken Road - Rascall Flatts (our wedding song)
4. The Theme from "Driving Miss Daisy"
5. The Theme from "The Mission"

5 People who have influenced my life in a positive way
1. Heather (the rec lady from the Bev) the kindest, most altruistic woman I've ever met in my life
2. Kristy - who always was and always will be there.
3. Chris - who loves me just as I am, and taught me how to love myself
4. Anne-Marie Clavelle who taught me how a mother is supposed to be treated/loved
5. Moe - who taught me the meaning of "never give up"

5 Items that I keep in my purse at all times
Well, I don't carry a purse, but if I did it would probably contain
1. my wallet
2. chapstick
3. my blood testing kit
4. random pens
5. wads of kleenex (used or otherwise...hey, you asked!)

5 life changing moments
1. when I finally realized my biological father didn't love me and I was able to let go
2. when I met my husband
3. when I FINALLY got rid of Malcolm for good
4. when I received my certificate for graduation form the DBT program
5. when I buried my grandmother's ashes

5 obsessions
1. installing a new patio door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Dr. Who (more specifically, David Tennant)
3. growing my hair out (at the in between stage, it's KILLING ME!)
4. getting the house squared away
5. getting a "real" job instead of working for a temp agency

This wasn't on the list so I'm adding it myself (WAY deeper than bloody movies!)
5 Favourite books
1. When Rabbit Howls (Truddi Chase)
2. Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood)
3. Any and all of my Titanic books
4. The Ancestor's Tale (Richard Dawkins)
5. The God Delusion (Richard Dawkins)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All quiet on the western front....NOT

Well, Mr. Rean has quit his job in a fit of temper. Although when he told me the circumstances behind his walking out I agree that he made a decent choice.
Of course, this comes less than 24 hours after we've spent almost $2000 on two separate trips to BC. We're going down to see the Titanic exhibition (which ends on Oct. 14) then we have to go down on the 27th of October for Mark's wedding. Yes, he's finally tying the knot.
Chris going to work his little fingers to the bone writing up cover letters and getting his resume out tomorrow. Until he gets another job I'll look forward to coming home to find a nice clean house and a hot meal.

Monday, September 3, 2007

sexism is alive and well!

I went to the local hardware store this afternoon to get a piece of plumbing pipe that Chris needed to put in the sink downstairs. He gave me the piece that he needed and asked me to get the exact same thing. I couldn't find what he wanted so I asked the staff person. He was extremely condescending to me, I felt like a drooling retard who had no right to be there the way he was looking at me. He showed me a pipe that was the same size as what Chris wanted but was black (instead of copper) I said that my husband wanted copper, not black. The man sighed and said slowly, they're exactly the same. He lectured me on the difference between the black and the copper (they're exactly the same but they paint the black ones so you can tell them apart). I was extremely offended. I brought home what he told me to, feeling like a failure and worrying that it was the wrong thing. Of course, when I got in and showed Chris he said, these aren't the right thing, they're hardened with heat and the copper ones aren't (or something to that effect.)

I've noticed a lot that when I go into a "man" shop, like an auto parts store or a hardware store that I get attitude. Once, we went to Mopac (an auto parts store) and three men, standing behind the desk ignored me completely, I may as well have not existed. One was doing some paperwork, okay fair enough. One was on a call to a supplier and the other was doing absolutely dick all. Standing with his arms crossed gazing into the store. When the one on the phone hung up, he looked at me, then turned and started shuffling through some papers. I was extremely angry. Chris had been wandering through the store looking for what he needed. He approached the desk and all three of them sprang into action clamouring to serve him. He said to them (this is why I love him) "my wife has been standing here for 15 minutes. Even if you had the phase inverter (or whatever it was that he needed, I can't remember now) I wouldn't buy it from you. Then he gave them a withering look and we left.

I don't know why men feel that it's okay for them to treat a woman that way when we're looking for something "manly". I think that chauvinistic (word that rhymes with brass moles) should not be in customer service. When a man comes into a "woman's" shop, like Michaels or something they are treated exactly the same as anyone else. I think these dinosaurs need to realize the world is changing, women aren't going to stand for arrogant pricks belittling us and treating us like second class citizens. Although, who am I trying to kid, as long as we live in a patriarchal society and the good ole boys club is in full swing, what chance do we have? I'm going to have my say by boycotting Mopac and I think I'll talk to the manager at the hardware store I went to.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The depth of a puddle

I've been reading some of my friend's friend's blogs. (Does that make sense?) I find that no blog that I have read has done anything to dispel my original belief that blogs are for narcissistic idiots.
One blog I was perusing is by a professional woman who acts like a high school girl. "My fiance is the greatest fiance in the world because he buys me lots of things." Um, excuse me? Shouldn't he be the best husband in the world because he's kind, caring, intelligent, helps around the house etc.?

Most of her blogs are chronicles of things she's bought and places she's gone. "Today we went to La Chez restaurant and ate le brie en rouge (not a proper food, but then I don't really care) then we went to Urban barn (not the actual name of the store, I just made that one up) and bought an awesome loveseat to go with our chairs, then they delivered the adorable table I bought the other day. Then we went to Le Gristle I had the lamb chops and my cute husband had the roast duck....." ad nauseum. Okay. 1) no one cares where or if you went out for breakfast/lunch/dinner unless something exciting or gruesome happens (like the woman at the next table went into labour and you helped deliver the baby there and then) 2) what exactly is an "awesome" loveseat? Is your life that pathetic that you need to hyperbolize every piece of furniture in your house? Is it studded with twenty carat diamonds? Is it self cleaning? Or is it just a run of the mill, yuppie couch that can be found in 99% of modern homes? If it's from the Urban Barn I can almost guarantee that it's crap. 3) what the hell is a "cute" table? Really, cute is for puppies and babies not freaking blocks of wood! This girl's blog is a stunning example of why yuppies shouldn't be allowed out of the house (or on the internet) without adult supervision.

She also goes on about her fiance, I'll call him Jim (not his real name, his real name is pure yuppie spawn) anyway, she thinks its adorable that he gets facials and pedicures and occasionally a manicure. Now, I'm all for equality of the sexes but seriously, does anybody else think he might be batting for the other team? Most men I know don't know what a facial is. I don't mean to stereotype but really what can you say?

Now I must admit I'm seeing the hypocrisy of my bashing blogs and their authors in my blog. Believe me I see it. I'm not saying the my blog is absolutely breath taking and worthy of awards but at least I don't keep a running inventory of my home furnishings and gastronomical delights. That's just sad.

Anyway, cranky rant out of the way, I'm going to go blog whoring again, maybe find some other blogs that drive me nuts.

PS, I'm stressed and cranky, can you tell?