Monday, July 6, 2009

The Milk of Human Kindness

On July 4th, over night, my PT cruiser was broken into (don't worry, she's okay!) my iPod was stolen, Chris' house keys (why they were in there I do not know) and about $20 in change.

I filed a police report (you can do that online now), called apple to report my iPod stolen (pointless btw, they don't give a rat's ass) and prepared to start scrimping and scrounging to be able to afford a new iPod.

Last night I got a message on facebook from a girl named Heather who said she'd found my iPod on her front lawn (she plugged it into her computer and my name came up so she looked me up on facebook). She returned it to me. All my songs were still on there and, weirdly, the adaptor cord (so I can plug it into the car and listen to it) was still on it too!

I figure the little jerk who stole it plugged it into his (or her) car and didn't like my taste in music (lol) and so threw it out the window in disgust.

In any case some of my faith in the species has been restored.

We're out 200 bucks though. As the house keys were stolen (and the thief knew where we live) the police strongly advised us to get our locks re-keyed. It turned out cheaper for us to go to Home Depot and buy new locks (not by much but a bit) so we've changed all our locks. On the plus side, that means we removed our electronic keypad which we were going to do when we put the house up (keep if for ourselves at the new house).

So, all in all, apart from us now being COMPLETELY broke, not much harm was done.

Our VISA is in the stratosphere because of the IUI treatment (I haven't even fully paid for the treatment yet, I've still got another $250 to pay on the day of the treatment). We're hoping that this treatment works first time around because it works out to $500 per treatment and we just don't have that kind of money with me not working. My parents are helping us out a bit but I can't (and won't) expect them to carry the entire burden. If it comes down to it that we need IVF we're going to take some money against the equity in the house (risky in this economic climate but insurance won't cover a single penny.) I find it irritating that abortions are covered by Alberta Health Care but fertility treatments aren't. I fully believe abortions SHOULD be covered by AHC but I also fully believe that fertility treatments should too. I get REALLY pissed off when I see that addictions counseling and drug and alcohol rehab are covered as well. I can sympathise with poor Americans having to pay for this myself. It makes you feel shitty.

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