Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The joys of estrogen

Saw Dr. Edwards today (he says I'm fat). Well, he didn't say it in those words but the general gist of our conversation was that I'm a whale in need of immediate intervention.

It turns out I won't be getting my IUI treatment this month. I missed my LH surge so will have to wait another month. Joy of fucking joys. It never bloody rains but it pours. The nurse at the clinic informed me that I've been crying and emotional lately as a side effect of the clomid. Apparently, the longer you're on it, the more severe the side effects get.

I've exchanged my weepy sadness for irritability and anger at the world at the moment. I'm pissed off that nothing ever seems to go right for me, I'm pissed off that my ovaries feel like they're on fire and I'm pissed off that I'm fat.

I had a young man come to the door yesterday selling christian books. I politely informed him that I had no need for his books and that I was unemployed and poor so couldn't afford them if I did want them. He was very polite and offered to pray for me. I figured what the hell, it can't do any harm and it will make him think that he's being useful. So he prayed for me to get pregnant. (And if I DON'T get pregnant, for me to be content with god's will). Oh well, his heart was in the right place.

I came home to a very wet, very angry cat today. Apparently old Murdoch got out this morning while Chris was letting the dogs out, and was stuck in the rain all day. Serves him right I say.

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