Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Year in Review

We're back from England (obviously or I wouldn't be writing this!)
We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Except of course for London. Seventh circle of hell that, horrible place.
We flew with Air Canada and were pleasantly surprised with everything. I've heard a lot of complaints about Air Canada but we didn't find it that bad at all. The food was wonderful, there was adequate leg room and Chris got free beer so he was happy. England was nice, a bit cold and damp for my taste but it wasn't as cold as I'd been expecting.

So now, a year in review....2007 what hath thou wrought upon me?

January 2007 - silly bitch rammed into us with her car because she was fiddling with knobs. The Mazda was a write off and I've been in agony with my back ever since. Also, got a puppy...Mush

February 2007 - got a nice cheque for the Mazda $1000. Which was good because we couldn't GIVE the damn thing away.

March 2007 - bought the PT cruiser, celebrated 6 months of married bliss

April 2007- my 26th birthday. Went to BC for holiday.

May 2007 - boring, more of the same

June 2007- put the house up for sale

July 2007 - Sold the house on the 5th, bought a house on the 6th, Grandma died on the 8th after a gargantuan battle with colon cancer. She went very quietly and wasn't in pain and most importantly, we were all there with her. On the 9th Chris got his work permit and other papers so we went to England for 2 weeks.

August 2007 - I started working for child and family services, Chris started working for IMS machinery, we moved into our new house

September 2007 - Chris quit IMS because the boss was a jerk, starting working at the Port o' Call Inn, we went to BC to see the Titanic exhibit

October 2007 - went to BC for Mark and Dorothy's wedding, celebrated our 1 year anniversary

November 2007 - bought a piano

December 2007 - had a job interview for a permanent position with Child and Family services. Flunked the interview due to having too much personality. Contract expired with temp position. Went to England for Christmas holiday

January 2008....let's see what the future will hold for us! Child and Family services would like me back but they have to have a 4 week period before they can. So, I'm taking 2 weeks off so that I'll be available to go back. In the meantime I've sent in my resume again and will hopefully not screw up the interview this time.

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