Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When are they going to stop monsters like this?

I was reading the Calgary Herald today. City & Region section, Wed Jan 23 2008. on Page B3 There's an article titled "Child porn collector faces one year in jail" (written by David Slade)
The story goes (paraphrased here and there for convenience) "A Calgary man faces upto a year in jail after admitting to possessing 10,000 images and more than 500 movies of child pornography, many of them involving pre-pubescent girls and babies being sexually assaulted....Weighill, 39 played no role in the production of the images and videos....The offender lost his job and has attempted suicide because of the nature of the charges.....Defence lawyer Paul Brunnen, who argued for a six-month sentence, said his client did not share and never intended to share the child pornography with anyone else. "My client said he was downloading it for himself," said Brunnen....[police] were able to download a movie from the offender's folder, depicting a three-year-old girl crying as she was being sexually assaulted by a man.....A search warrant of his southwest home uncovered 2,700 imaged and 82 movies of child pornography on a portable hard drive, as well as 7000 more imaged and 100 movies on his laptop computer and 340 ore movies on 34 discs. Forensic psychologist Patrick Baillie's report categorized the man's risk to reoffend as low."

Now, aside from the blindingly obvious, what the hell is wrong with this picture? This bastard has thousands of images of children being tortured and he's a "low risk to reoffend"?!?!?!? Um, what university did this dickhead psychologist go to? Or, perhaps more relevant, what planet is he from? The bastard probably spent years downloading these images and movies masturbating to them all the while and the psychologist thinks he's a low risk to reoffend. Okay. Meanwhile, back on earth....I'm just not sure what can be said about that. My favourite is the defense attorney saying that the pedophile didn't intend to share the videos with anyone else. OH! Well that makes it all right then! Gee I guess no one was really hurt then eh? Effing moron! I honestly don't know how these defense attorney's sleep at night. I couldn't look myself in the mirror without vomiting if I defended something like him.

I think, aside from the blindingly obvious, the saddest part of this story is not that he's only going to get 10 seconds in jail, but that he was unsuccessful in killing himself. Someone should tell him to try harder next time.

I've said it before and I'm saddened to hear myself saying it again, the Canadian justice system is a farce. The laws are made my middle aged, perverts (who else would think it's okay to possess torture videos as long as you don't intend to share them) who hate women and children. god help us all. Oh wait, they wrote the laws based on biblical, let's just hope we get some atheists into office so we can fix this sad, sorry system.

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