Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pedophiles on the run

I was disgusted when reading the paper today. In the Calgary Herald, Friday December 7 2007 edition, City & Region section, page B5 There is an article titled "Child sex offender back in jail after probation breach".
This pedophile, Eric Brian Wanamaker, served "over a decade" in jail for a violent sex crime against a teenage girl. Then, once released (I'm not sure how long after he was released he did this), he pleaded guilty last June to "possession of child pornography after being caught viewing child porn images on a laptop computer during a children's festival." Does anyone else think this man is a monster?
He lied to his probation officer about where he was living. He told the probation officer that he was living at the Mustard Seed men's Shelter when in fact he was actually living in "a residence in the community of Citadel." There are a lot of kids, and schools and playgrounds in Citadel. His lawyer, I have no idea how these lawyers can look at themselves in the mirror and not vomit, said that he moved out of the Mustard Seed because he was "constantly being beaten up" (Remind me to make some donations to the Mustard Seed, those men have the right idea as to how to treat a pedophile!) This is the part of the story that gets really sick. His lawyer, a woman who has obviously never been molested, raped or otherwise sexually abused, is arguing for him to get double credit for his time in remand because his time in custody "has not been pleasant" What does she want? He's not in effing Disneyland! She wants his time to be served to be reduced to 4 1/2 months. Absolutely sickening. A man violently attacks a young girl, masturbates, in front of children to images of children being tortured and he gets less than a year in prison.

In the Canadian "justice" system a man puts his severely disabled, suffering, daughter out of her misery is put in prison for 6 years and counting, yet a true monster gets less than a year (4 1/2 months if his cow of a lawyer gets her way). Is it just me or is there something very deeply wrong with our "justice" system. I guess as long as we live in a patriarchal society then the rights of women and children will always take a back burner.

I guess what I've learned from these stories is, if you alleviate suffering, you're a monster. If you cause suffering and revel in it and lie and attack young children, you're an unfortunate victim of circumstance. I hope to god that Eric Wanamaker doesn't get some soft hearted (headed) liberal judge with a penchant for child porn to let him out early.

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