Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Misogyny in the media

Reading the paper this morning I found a lovely misogynistic article written about a rapist.

The gist. A "man" offered a lost 18 year old girl a ride to the bus depot. Instead, he raped her in a cemetery. He's been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison (whoopdee effing doo! He'll be out in a month.....says the jaded woman who's been screwed too many times by the justice system).

The misogyny comes in by comments made by the prosecuting attorney, John Rooke. He said, "He was the predator, she was the mouse, within five minutes of meeting her he started planning to assault her. This predator pounced on a young woman who was extremely naive, PERHAPS STUPID BECAUSE OF THE CLOTHING SHE WAS WEARING, WHAT SHE WAS DOING, WHERE SHE DID IT AND WHEN." Excuse me? She was "stupid"?!?!?!? Yeah she was 18 years old, they're not exactly the brightest crayons in the box at that age. She was wearing pajamas, not a bloody lace teddy. "What she was doing." Seeking help because she was lost and had a bus to catch. That gives him the right to rape her? I don't effing think so.

Perhaps I'm naive (or stupid, at least according to John Rooke) but I thought that women had equal rights to men. So, if he'd raped her in full daylight after threatening her into a car with a weapon and she was wearing a bhurka at the time, it would have been heinous but as he raped her at night, luring her into the car with the promise of assistance and she was wearing pajamas it's her fault? John Rooke, I hope you're not married and if you are that you don't have any children. I can't imagine what it would be like living with an asshole like you. And as for the rapist, Stafano Priolo, who showed no remorse (shockingly), I hope they sodomize you until you bleed to death. As for the previous judges who let him off for "13 prior convictions, including assault and weapons offences." Congratulations, you're all accessories to rape.

I think it's time the Canadian "justice" system grew some teeth and started punishing people for their crimes. As for this offenders data bank where he must be registered for 10 years. Why not life? What the fuck?

It's scary to be a woman, you're not safe from sexual predators and when one attacks you, you're not protected by the courts. I think the daily prayer of men of a certain religious group sums it up best: Thank you god for not having me be born a woman.

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