Monday, June 29, 2009

A Million Years and Counting

It's been a million years since my last post I know. So what is new in the Rean household?

We went to Ontario for a wedding. We stayed with family friends Pam and Peter for part of the time and I think Chris has found his soul mate in Peter. Peter has an enormous garage with every tool and toy imaginable. He's also got an Isetta car which Chris was totally enamoured with. I rode a motorcycle all by myself. Nearly killed myself but not quite.

2 days after we got home my bff Kristy came to visit for a few days so that was fun. It's so thrilling seeing old friends and family members of old friends and friends of old friends..... yup, thrilling.

Miss Maya has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease. It's a condition in which the adrenal glands go into overdrive and over produce. She's in pain but so far we're managing it with crack for dogs. As soon as she starts suffering we will of course take her for the big sleep.

Money wise the last month has been a disaster. Of course there was the trip to Ontario then when Kristy was visiting I spent money like it was water. Then, after Kristy left we noticed a crack in the aquarium so had to buy a new tank. At the same time we noticed the crack we also noticed that the filter pump wasn't working so we had to buy a new filter too. Then Maya got sick and that ate up some funds, then the car decided it needed to acquire some nails in it's (new) front tire (we have had the car about 2 years and have replaced all 4 tires [at various times and in various quantities] twice. The passenger rear has been replaced 3 times.)

I'm still jobless, I had an interview a while back but blew it totally! She asked me if I knew Vista (which, unfortunately thanks to my dad's new computer, I do). So she did all my testing on the office suite that comes with Vista. It would have been helpful if I'd thought to ask my dad if he'd installed the office suite that goes with Vista or if he'd installed his old office suite. I managed to pass all the testing but mentioned I didn't know the new office suite. I got the impression she thought I was a lying toe rag about knowing Vista. Oh well. So, I'm going to start pumping out resumes again tomorrow. I joked that I should become a prostitute to make money. Darling husband quipped "no dear, we want to make money". He's a funny man (free to good home if anyone wants him!

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