Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heigh ho, heigh ho it's off to work I go

I'm working at the mo. I've got a part time (three days a week) job at the Rockyview Hospital. Why the Rockyview? You ask. Because there were no openings available in Northern Siberia, that's why! It's a long haul and I'm forcibly reminded of why I hate the human race every second of my commute. However, I do enjoy the job itself and though I've only been there a few days have already made some friends.

We sold the piano to a nice young couple. They had movers pick it up on Monday. I've got the piano tuner coming on Monday to tune the Bell so that'll start sounding the way it should.

Other than that, no real news to report. The parents are in Hawaii as I write this. We're looking after their animals while they're away. We're going to start calling ourselves "Animal House" rather than "Rean House" We've got 4 dogs, and 3 cats at the moment. It's utter madness.

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