Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Irks by Jerks

Chris and I went to the movies Monday night, we saw "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith (an excellent movie btw, not your usual Hollywood drivel). However, to mar the evening, there was a yob and his girlfriend sitting just behind us (I was on the right hand aisle seat, he was on the aisle of the centre section).

Obviously he didn't understand the movie and so chose to talk throughout. He became progressively louder until I finally turned around and said "would you please be quiet" (in an annoyed voice). WELL! He said (top volume) "You're a rude bitch." I ignored him but could hear him chattering away. "I can talk in a theatre if I want, I bought my ticket" (Yeah, so did everyone else, except we paid to see Will Smith, not listen to your thoughts on life!). As the movie ended they sprang from their seats and as he was walking down the aisle past me he said "You don't own the fucking theatre you bitch, you can't tell me not to talk" (I could tell I was dealing with an intellectual giant!). I said (sweet as can be) "No, I don't own the theatre, but I DID pay 13 bucks to watch a movie, not listen to you prattle on incoherently." He walked out and his girlfriend (another future MENSA member I'm sure) gave me the finger and told me to fuck off.

Is there something about me that attracts me to theatres that have loud mouthed assholes in them? It seems at least every 3 or 4 times I go to a theatre there's some jerk talking (full volume of course, after all how can their companion hear them over that movie that's playing) or (seriously) choosing a new ring tone for their cell phone, or playing with a laser pointer (that guy I grabbed by the scruff of the neck and pulled him out of the theatre). People have no respect for others. I don't enjoy going to the movies any more because of people like this. It's like they're raised by wolves or something (no offense to any wolves reading this!). It's a sad state of affairs and I grieve for the state of the future.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life is finally getting back to normal!

Well, I quit my job on Dec 12. I was trying to hold out until my probation was over (Jan 14) but couldn't tolerate being treated like crap any more. I will probably post my rebuttal to my manager's accusations against me at a later time. The straw that broke the camel's back was Thursday (Dec 11) when she called me in and told me that I had made a tasteless, inappropriate joke in front of a patient. (Anyone who knows me will realize just how stupid an accusation this was) anyway, the joke was (brace yourself because you'll never look at me the same way after hearing the heinous thing that I said in front of a patient): "I'm so hungry I feel like I'm going to starve to death.".........that's it, that's the inappropriate, tasteless joke. I figured that I was in a lose lose situation but was planning on sticking it out. However, when I got home I was crying my eyes out and Chris, my mother, my dad and the drive through lady at Tim Horton's (was crying while getting a doughnut) all told me to quit.

I went in on the Friday and spoke to the medical director to tell her about how I was being treated. She told me to deal with it myself. I pointed out that it was difficult for me, a mere secretary, to tell my manager the proper way to behave, besides which I had already defended myself against her. Since she refused to do anything I handed in my notice and left on the lunch hour.

I'm slightly terrified about quitting a $21.00/hour job while going into a recession but I didn't do it in cold blood by any means. I called to see if I can get back on the roster. They said they'll be happy to take me back (once I'm free and clear of the CHR). I'll call them tomorrow. In the meantime I'm back on Monster and Workopolis looking for jobs. The good news is that with Chris' raise we can survive without dipping into savings or using the VISA so even if it takes me a while to get a job we'll be okay. No repeat of last year after my contract expired!

In other news, we were supposed to fly to the island on December 24 to visit the family. Unfortunately all flights were canceled so we stayed here.

Muppet has just finished her heat. What a racket she made! She was a nuisance to the nth degree. We'll have to have her fixed soon. We bought a fish tank, complete with rocks, plants, a little temple and fish second hand off Kijiji. The cats are obsessed.